How Professionals Repair Drywall

Drywalls are often prone to getting cracks and holes. If you have damaged drywall at your house, you should search for handyman services near me in omaha, ne. If you have been wondering how much effort is required in repairing drywall, given below is the procedure that handymen follow.

Patching Smaller Than A Nickel Sized Holes

Professionals use spackle or a joint compound to repair small drywall holes. Using a pre-mixed joint compound is ideal for the job since drywalls requires multiple coatings of spackle. Handymen generally follow the given steps to patch drywall holes smaller than a nickel.

·    All the loose debris accumulated on the drywall is cleaned thoroughly.

·    A bevelled edge is put with a carpenter’s knife on the hole’s circumference.

·    If any dust is left on the wall, this is the time to clean it with a wet rag.

·    A putty knife is used to smear the joint compound or spackle. This fills the hole, and the handyman ensures that the compound matches the existing wall.

·    The compound is allowed to air dry for a few minutes.

·    The handyman will then sand the dried filler and apply a second coat for reinforcement.

·    A layer of paint similar to the drywall is then applied to ensure that the fixed path is not noticeable.

Patching Medium to Large Holes

Professional handymen do not use spackle to patch medium to large holes. Only joint compound should be used to patch holes that are larger than a nickel.

·    The drywall around the holes is first cleaned and sanded.

·    A patch is placed over the hole on the wall.

·    The joint compound is applied in a crisscross pattern over the patch with a putty knife.

·    The compound is allowed to air dry for a few minutes.

·    A fresh coat of joint compound is applied over the dried coat for reinforcement.

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·    The compound’s edges and sanded of feathered to meet the wall’s height.

·    A coat of paint is applied so that the patched area blends well with the surrounding wall.

Seek Help From Experts

Drywall repair seems to be a simple job to execute. However, if not done properly, you will be left with an unblended unpleasant looking drywall patch. It is a task that requires precision and effort.

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